Kano State Emergency Management Agency as name entail is a social service department of the Government, saddled with the responsibilty of providing of relief materials to victims of diasters and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the state. The Agency rendered its services and obligation in tandem with this administartion avowed stand of uoliftment of the living condtions of its citizens.SEMA Responsibilities

  • To formulate policy on all activities relating to disaster management in the state and co-ordinate the plans and programs for efficient and effective response to disaster.
  • To co-ordinate and promote research activities relating to disaster management in the state.
  • To maintain and expand the existing Mass Education programme for the disabled persons over age of 18 years
  • To monitor the state of preparations of all organizations for agencies that may contribute to disaster management in the state.
  • To collect data from relevant agencies so as to enhance fore casting planning and field operation of disaster management.
  • To educate and inform the public on disaster prevention and control.
  • To co-ordinate the activities of all voluntary organizations and non-governmental agencies for the purpose of disaster management in the state.
  • To collect and distribute emergency relief materials supplied from sources approved or authorized by the government to part the state affected by natural or other disaster.
  • To receive financial and technical aid from the appropriate federal, state, ministries/establishment or other bodies approved by the state government for disbursement to the affected parts of the state.
  • To determine priority of all emergency relief operations in the part of the state.
  • To co-ordinate the activities of all local emergency management committee (LEMAS)
  • To liaise with National Emergency Management Agency and other similar bodies in the performance of its duties.
  • To promote the provision of free education to the disabled persons and their families
  • To provide medical services and facilities to the Rehabilitation centers in the state.